The mutant power comes with the new X-Men trailer: Dark Phoenix

The mutant power comes with the new X-Men trailer: Dark Phoenix

A new international trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix has come to light, in which we can see new scenes of Sophie Turner as the evil cosmic force called Dark Phoenix, this breakthrough does not reveal much of the saga, but if we leave new images by Sophie Turner, Evan Peters, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy among others.

In addition to this director Simon Kinberg has also talked about how faithful this production will be that marks his foray into the controls of a film, although it is nothing alien to the mutant universe since we had previously seen it in other films of the X- Men as writer of Days of the future past and Apocalypse.

According to Kinberg the film will be quite faithful and attached to the saga of the Dark Phoenix and stressed that, although you can not put all the original material in the short time that the film lasts, emotionally the essence of the comics has been transferred to Dark Phoenix , then the journey of Jean Gray in his conversion to Phoenix and then to the Dark Phoenix.

If we analyze the history of comics we will realize that Phoenix is ​​actually a clone of Jean Gray who after being manipulated Dark Phoenix full movie by Master Mind is seduced by the dark powers of the universe and that’s when his transformation to Dark Phoenix takes place.

Just wait to see how they will translate this story on the big screen and how they will adapt these events with the characters and the universe that 20th Century Fox has created with the Marvel mutants. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will debut this coming June 7, 2019.

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